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The video of UN’idea project is here!

With joy, I presented to you the final video of the project "UN'idea", an online space for students and by students that want participate, share with others and collaborate with ideas in the cultural and civic life of Trento.


UN’idea Video: Storyboard

Here it is the storyboard for the video presentation of UN'idea app: Image description: A Girl’s foreground (as Chiara) Narration: She is Chiara. She is twenty and she is new in Trento. Effects: Ken Burn effect Transition: - Music: Bensound-Memories... Continue Reading →

UN’idea Video: Script

I present you the script for the video for the project "UN'idea", an online crowdsourcing platform designed to connect students of the University of Trento willing to implement different civic and cultural projects. She is Chiara. She is twenty and... Continue Reading →

Wikipedia’s Community

As I was explaining in my other article of Wikipedia, this community is active and make this free encyclopedia a trustworthy tool for all of us. But this is not a simple task. There is a code of conduct and... Continue Reading →

My first Wikipedia article: Canceled

Wikipedia is a very well organized and collaborative community. It has become a fundamental piece for our society of knowledge. In this sense, I tried to contribute to this community. My first page was called "CityCamp", an open and multidisciplinary event about... Continue Reading →

The video "Today`s Challenges of Young Professionals" is now online. Check it out! (Touch the image to be redirected. If nothing happens, try this

Storyboard: Today’s challenges of young professionals

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Image that suggest some element of horror movies.  NARRATION: Nowadays, the terror for us, young professionals, are not horror movies. EFFECTS: - TRANSITION: Flyeye MUSIC: Instrumental sad music (in crecendo) COMMENTS: - IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Image horrifying NARRATION: The... Continue Reading →

The mystery box in stories

I would recommend this TEDx Talk “The mystery box” of J. J. Abrams. I love fiction and he is one of my favourites directors. He has directed many movies and tv series such as Lost, Fringe, Star Wars: The Force... Continue Reading →

Synthesis of the introduction to digital storytelling?

Digital storytelling has arrived to our lives without notices thanks to new technologies. In this post, we would try to summarize interesting things about this. For hundreds of years, the storytelling has found the best way to tell stories to... Continue Reading →

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